Spray Tanning


A St. Tropez Spray Tan Treatment gives you a fast flawless tan in a controlled enviroment.  The product contains Aromaguard™ fragrance technology to eliminate the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%. 

The tan is applied and tailored by a St. Tropez trained therapist and takes no more than 20 minutes. We have a range of different formulas to choose from:

Original Tan: The Original St. Tropez tan develops from the melanin in your skin with a green pigment in the solution to stop the tan going orange. This tan develops over 8-12 hours, leaving you with a natural looking tan in keeping with your skin tone.

Dark Tan: Like the Original St. Tropez solution this tan develops from the melanin in your skin over 8-12 hours. It’s only difference being a higher DHA level meaning the tan develops around 5 shades darker than the Original. The Dark Tan looks best on people with darker features and skin tone.

Sensitive Tan: Developing as a slightly lighter shade than the Original St. Tropez tan, the sensitive solution is perfect for people with a very fair skin tone as well as people who are more sensitive to products. Perfect for ladies who want a light tan on their wedding day without the worry of getting tan on the dress.

Express Tan: The Express Tan has a higher level of DHA than both the Original and Dark St. Tropez tan meaning it develops in 1-3 hours dependant on your desired shade.

Spray tans will approximately take 20 – 30 minutes.

A dry exfoliation is available before your spray tan for an additional £5.00.

St Tropes Spray Tan


Full Body

Original – £20.00

Dark/Express – £22.50

Face & Neck

Original – £10.00

Dark/Express – £12.50

Top Half (inc. face)

Original – £15.00

Dark/Express – £17.50

Lower Body

Original – £15.00

Dark/Express – £17.50

No Tan'Tan

Original – £18.00



The No Tan’Tan is one full body spray to give you a healthy looking glow.