Treatment Descriptions

Descriptions of our services

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin-WaxDoctors who wanted to alleviate their patients’ arthritis pain first used paraffin wax in the 1950s. Three decades later, during the 1980s, it became widely used as a beauty treatment; although this hydrating wax has benefits that go beyond skin-deep.

Soften Skin

This petroleum-based product hydrates and softens skin while coating the skin’s surface. It also increases circulation to the skin and opens pores, which allows the hydrating elements to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. This makes it a good candidate for treating dry skin and moisturizing cuticles. Our technicians will apply the paraffin wax by brushing it onto the hand or foot, allowing the wax to cool before peeling off.

Pain Relief

After being applied to the hands or feet, the wax encases the area, trapping heat and relaxing the surrounding tissues. This makes it particularly helpful for treating stiff joints and alleviating pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis and sore muscles.

Gels & Acrylics

Nail ArtKnowing that your nails look well groomed and polished boosts self-confidence and can make you feel more professional, and even sexier! While most of us can easily maintain our natural nails many women who wish for beautiful nails have trouble growing them, or have weak or brittle nails. For them—and for anyone who wishes to have a chip-proof manicure—nail extensions can be a great solution.

Most women who opt for nail extensions desire a natural look. Amongst all the materials used for artificial nail enhancements, acrylics and gels provide the most natural finish. Even better, they can be filled in as the natural nail grows without looking artificial. With both materials providing a natural finish; acrylic nails are thicker and more durable, while gel nails are slightly thinner and lighter. Both materials require regular salon maintenance every two to three weeks. It is important to have regular fills because if the enhancement lifts away from the natural nail, moisture and bacteria can accumulate between them, leaving nails vulnerable to fungus and infection.

NSI Polish Pro

Nsi polish logoA light cured formula that lasts two weeks without chipping, cracking or smudging. Polish Pro is the next generation of nail polish, it can be dried in minutes under a UV or LED lamp and soaked off in just 15 minutes.

*NSI Polish pro is also available as an extra on top of all Enhancements, Manicures & Pedicures.

Hot Wax vs Warm Wax

Paraffin-WaxThe difference between the two waxes is the method in which is it applied and removed.

Warm Wax – is applied thinly to the skin, a strip is then applied and removed with a swift pull which removes the hair. This type of waxing is best for legs, arms and for men’s backs.

Hot Wax – is applied in a much thicker consistency which is applied in a circular motion onto the skin to surround the hairs, it then dries and is flicked off without a strip. This method is much better for delicate areas i.e. The Hollywood or Brazillian as it doesn’t pull the skin and grabs the hairs from the roots meaning, less irritation and a smaller chance of ingrown hairs.

Silk vs Mink Lashes

Silk Lash Extensions are fine and close to mimicking human hair. They are great for adding length but not great for adding volume.

Mink Lash Extensions have incredible shine, super soft feeling and deep colours. They hold the curl well and give weightless volume and length.

Both Silk and Mink Lash Extensions will last up to 2-3 weeks.

All prospective clients must have a patch test done a minimum 24 hours before the treatment can be done.